DV-related updates in China


June 9, Zhang Yingying, a visiting scholar to UIUC went missing on her way for an open house. Later, Christensen was arrested and confirmed to be the kidnapper, but he refused to tell where Zhang or her body is. Zhang’s friend posted relative information on Wechat for help from the beginning. The suspect was on a forum called “abduction 101”. Also, he was an active member of FetLife.com.

June 22, a nanny set a fire in a luxurious high-rise apartment in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province and the mother and three children were killed in the fire. In addition to blaming the nanny, the father and other netizens also raised doubts about the property management company. First of all, during the fire, the fire alarm didn’t work. Secondly, it took them more than an hour to start to put out the fire. Thirdly, the securities didn’t have the necessary knowledge about fire emergency and they wasted precious rescue time on “getting approval from superior”. Currently, the father keeps posting and asking for the truth and justice on Weibo even though some of his posts were deleted by Sina Weibo, which makes netizens even angrier.

July 6, the first communist party branch was established in a live streaming platform company, with 18 online celebrity members.

In July, several VPNs were taken down from the Apple app store. And the government has required telecom operators to block any VPN use.

On July 7, General Administration of Press and Publication informed TV stations to only broadcast programs and series that are “appropriate for the coming 19th People’s Conference”.

On July 10, the police arrested a fugitive after they are alarmed by the facial recognition system when the fugitive was working out on the road.

On July 16, a Chinese Internet celebrity Haojie Xu was accused of being a pedophilia. On Douban, a netizen called “shenhaichenmo” revealed evidence of Xu creating a website for sharing photos and videos of boys, giving inappropriate comments on pictures of boys and so on. Later, Xu recorded a video to counter this accusation and also turned to a lawyer for suing this netizen for liability. The battle is still continuing (24-07-2017).

On July 18, it was reported by many Beijing citizens that they were asked to take out their cell phones and give them to the police for scanning in subway stations. The scanning is conducted with a special device. Posts revealing more information about this matter were all blocked or deleted by platforms and websites.

On July 20, there is a lecturer in Foreign Language Department in a well-established university posting a screenshot of an email she got. In the email, it was announced that textbooks should be compiled by Chinese people and they should use less foreign original teaching material.

August 2017, A post was spread widely on the Internet, that a man from Henan province was detained and fined by the police because he posted on Weibo that “the food in the provincial hospital is terrible”. Local police reacted immediately by firing the policeman involved and revoked the fine.

September 8, there were two regulations announced: 1. Users’ accounts must be verified by real identity before they can post or comment on Sina Weibo; 2. The chat group starter will be responsible for all the speech in the wechat group.